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    hp pavilion dv7 notebook win7x64 driver issue (or not)


      Hi, everyone!

      I'm experiencing a driver issue I guess with my old & fair hp laptop. The thing is that when working in an application that is resource consuming, such as photoshop & playing a video in youtube chrome), for example I get a few second system freeze & a message that the "video driver hung and was restarted".

      This was on the standard HP dual switchable video driver downloaded from hp: https://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/swdetails/hp-pavilion-dv7-6000-entertainment-notebook-pc-series/5046247/model/5076766/swItemId/ob-105178-1?sku=LR167EA


      so I decided to follow the steps described on these forums for similar issues - uninstalled all the video drivers from intel, from amd (with the ati uninstall tool). updated the os with all the nessesary (& not so) updates, installed the latest intel driver (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24971/Intel-HD-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-7-8-64-bit?product=81500)

      installed the catalyst driver 17.5.1 (http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/legacy?product=legacy3&os=Windows%207%20-%2064)

      after it I restart my pc aaaand nothing - black screen. reboot again - see the windows welcome screen with freezed loading indicator. so the system doen't boot.

      in safe mode see the logs - the ddkmdldr failed to load.

      try to launch catalyst control center & see the message that the ati driver is either not installed or installed unproperly & then the catalyst shell tells me that there are no videocard parameters to set.

      So I've uninstalled it again & decided to write here - wheather it is a software problem (then what driver version will give me stable work without issues) or hardware (maybe the ati videocard is dead? if so, how to diagnose it to be sure?)



      • AMD Graphics Card
        • hd 6770M
      • Desktop or Laptop System
        • hp pavilion dv7 LR167EA#ACB
      • Operating System
        • Win 7 pro x64
      • Driver version installed
        • catalyst 15.7.1 - oct30
      • Motherboard HM65 chipset + Bios F.1B
      • CPU/APU
        • intel core i5-2410M
      • RAM 16GB