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AMD R5 M335 4GB

Question asked by meowtheepic on Dec 20, 2017

I'm using a dell laptop

Core i7 6500u

8gb ram ddr3

1tb HDD

Windows 7 Ultimate


I previously tried Windows 10 w/ AMD Radeon Settings but I had the same issue I'm facing now, the GPU is hardly any better than the integrated Intel HD 520, I can barely play League of Legends on acceptable frame rates (drops in large fights) I bought this laptop off a friend who only used it for a few months before selling it because he needed the money, he previously played GTA V on medium/low settings with 30+ FPS but I highly doubt I can do that since LoL can run on a potato and still lags a bit.


My problem is that the GPU starts with 300 clock speeds, both memory and core, then very slowly it goes up to it's max speed, takes around 30-ish mins to do so? yet it still lags and I don't feel like the GPU is utilizing its full potential whenever I play a game
I also tried Guild Wars 2 but it also lags like hell, I made sure all my power options favored performance instead of battery life, I even removed my battery and plugged the laptop directly.


I have the latest drivers available, currently using Catalyst Control Center, same problem w/ low clock speeds and underpowered performance


No I haven't bought the laptop for the sole purpose of gaming, just general use and a bit of League/Guild Wars 2 on the side.


Any other information needed to address my problem?