Sorry i did not find DX11 thread. Write here. About speed agsDriverExtensions_MultiDrawIndexedInstancedIndirect.

Discussion created by ronniko on Dec 20, 2017

My OS Windows 7. API Directx 11. My videocard Radeon HD 7950.

I find AMD AGS 5.1.1 sdk.

I writed my code and successfully did agsInit and agsDriverExtensionsDX11_CreateDevice.

I replaced DX11 SwapChain\Contex\Device to output date from agsDriverExtensionsDX11_CreateDevice.


I see in my screen redner. All work fine.


My question is more addressed to AMD driver developers.

How quickly works function agsDriverExtensions_MultiDrawIndexedInstancedIndirect and how CPU tacts cost ?

And how did arguments buffer (Buffer for MultiDrawIndexedInstancedIndirect) read, on GPU or Driver read on CPU and then translate to GPU ?




PS: AMD AGS Very cool ! It's just some kind of magic ! My Directx 11 program has evolved into a OpenGL 4.4 ! Because OpenGL 4.4 has glMultiDrawElementsIndirect function. But not Directx 11.