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    AMD FX 6300 black edition 8Gb of ram motherboard start 16 Gb can't start


      hello, i come back here for help


      I have an ASRock 970M Pro3 and his motherborad can go 64Gb of ram

      I have the FX 6300 black edition

      RX 460 4Gb

      a power supply 500Watt be quiet!

      and i have 2x4Gb kingston hyperX FURY (black color) DDR3 1866MHz  my computer run good with,


      now i have buy and add 2x4Gb kingston hyperX fury (blue color) DDR3 1866MHz my motherboard can't start with 16Gb  = no bios access / black screen



      I have run All of memory one by one is  ok , all run.

      I have only run blue memory is good

      i have only run black memory is good


      i have try 2 memory black and one blue

      and 2 blue one black the motherboard can't start = no bios access / black screen


      i have run with the blue memory and load defaut bios ( clear CMOS - reset) only 8Gb blue is good and only 8Gb black is good motherboard run good



      i don't understand why the motherboard can't start over 8Gb of memory ...


      sorry for my english im not realy good, thank you.