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    HD 7950 fans are locked on 100%


      Hello guys,


      I don't know if the problem is coming from the new drivers or my card have an actual problem but still..


      From today my card fans are staying on 100% ALL the time, since i press the power button on my PC until i turn it off..


      I tried installing the previous driver 17.11.4 (currently i am with it) but still nothing has changed...


      In Radeon settings the fan speed looks fine on idle it is staying on 10%, i can manually change it to other % but the actual speed is on 100%..

      In HWMonitor the RPM reading is ~3500 rpm..


      Tried also with MSI afterburner but it is absolutely the same..

      Tried to uninstall the drivers with DDU and install new one.. same issue

      Tried switching to the second BIOS on the card.. same

      Tried re-seating the card.. same

      The card is not dusty,,

      Tried the card in my other PC.. same

      Tried Nvidia card in this PC.. it is working fine (actually without installing drivers.. just put the card and started the PC with the AMD drivers still installed)


      CPU is FX6300

      Mobo Gigabyte 970A

      2x4 RAM

      etc etc


      Please help since i love this card.. it is a 3xslot Asus direct cu ii

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          It is possible the Thermal chip sensor on the card went bad. If you are able to re-install it in another computer and with the same results, most likely is your card temp sensor.

          Update: Forgot to mention, what Temperatures is your GPU card showing? High all the time? or zero?


          Are you able to reapply Thermal paste to the card's heatsink?  If you remove the shroud, the fan and heatsink are removed and you will be able to reapply Thermal paste on the chip again.


          Also software like MSI Afterburner causes issues with Wattman. I would disable Afterburner (Reset everything on "DEFAULT before disabling) and try using Wattman to control the fan on your GPU. If that doesn't work, I suspect is what I mentioned above first.

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              Is there any warranty left?

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                The card is showing ~40C when it is not on load.. i can take it apart and change the thermal paste..

                About the other computer.. i left that information in my original post.. it is doing the same thing in the other system..

                I also tried fresh drivers without any 3rd part software ... the problem should be from the card since it is doing it all the time /when the PC is still not in Windows..)


                I will try the thermal paste and will get back with results..

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                    You mentioned your GPU card fan was running 100% all the time even when the temperature at no load (40c) ?  Or does the GPU temperature shoot up as soon as there is a load on the card?  If is the latter, than it is probably not your Thermal sensor but something else like the thermal paste going bad and unable to cool the GPU chip. Since you mentioned it starts before Windows starts, that pretty much eliminates any software causing the problem. I read that in BIOS disabling Cool n Quiet feature will allow Wattman to fully control the GPU's fan besides other 3rd party GPU fan controllers.

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                  Ok, today i disassembled the card, cleaned everything, there where no visible blown chips what so ever..

                  The only thing that i noticed is when i tried to unplug the connector for the fans the hole plastic thingy came off which left only the pins sticking out of the PCB..

                  I reapplied new thermal paste (now on idle it is staying ~32-5C)

                  Re assembled the card and voila.. now the fans are working properly and i can control them from Radeon settings and Afterburner..


                  So the conclusion.. it should've been from that plastic connector, probably it wasn't making proper contact


                  Thank you for the replies guys