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HD 7950 fans are locked on 100%

Question asked by martinspas on Dec 20, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2017 by martinspas

Hello guys,


I don't know if the problem is coming from the new drivers or my card have an actual problem but still..


From today my card fans are staying on 100% ALL the time, since i press the power button on my PC until i turn it off..


I tried installing the previous driver 17.11.4 (currently i am with it) but still nothing has changed...


In Radeon settings the fan speed looks fine on idle it is staying on 10%, i can manually change it to other % but the actual speed is on 100%..

In HWMonitor the RPM reading is ~3500 rpm..


Tried also with MSI afterburner but it is absolutely the same..

Tried to uninstall the drivers with DDU and install new one.. same issue

Tried switching to the second BIOS on the card.. same

Tried re-seating the card.. same

The card is not dusty,,

Tried the card in my other PC.. same

Tried Nvidia card in this PC.. it is working fine (actually without installing drivers.. just put the card and started the PC with the AMD drivers still installed)


CPU is FX6300

Mobo Gigabyte 970A

2x4 RAM

etc etc


Please help since i love this card.. it is a 3xslot Asus direct cu ii