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Updated Andrenalin Software (17.12.1) Causes Screen to permanently go black.

Question asked by tech_zen on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by tech_zen

My Desktop PC:


GPU: Asus 290x


OS: Windows 10 64 Bit


Drivers: Currently no Driver Version is installed using Windows basic display driver. (Due to black screen issues)


Monitor: LG 29um67p 2560x1080 @60Hz


Cable: Display Port


Mobo: MSI 970 AM3+ Motherboard BIOS V22.0


CPU: 8350 @4.2Ghz using MSI automatic OC genie.


Power Supply: 750w EVGA Nova G2


Ram: 16GB



I was running Crimson Relive Edition 17.11.4 and everything was perfectly fine, then I went to update to 17.12.1 and during the install everything went fine. It said my computer was up to date, and all was swell. Then I restarted my PC and bam windows booted up, got into my desktop and then as soon as Radeon Setting Logo appeared my screen goes permananetly black. I figured well something is wrong with my Display Drivers, so booted into safe mode and completly unistalled all AMD Drivers using DDU. And rolled back to  17.11.1 Drivers. Which now aren't causing any issues with my display. This sucks though because I love the new offerings of Andrenalin drivers, but I can't use them. Any way to fix this? Thanks!