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    New setup turning off in games


      I recently added a ryzen kit and am having a problem that I can not solve in any way.
      The PC works normal, but at the time of playing the pc it shuts off and starts right after. The leds and fans do not even stop, the screen only erases and starts the windows again.
      I already gave a clear cmos, default in the bios, I made clean formatting and nothing solves ..
      Does anyone know what can it be?

      My current setup is Ryzen 1700 + MSI X370 SLI PLUS + 2x8gb 2400Mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX + SSD Samsung EVO 840 with Windows 10 Pro

      OBS: sorry for english because I used google translate

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          MSI is releasing new Oct bios updates to address memory and Optane M.2 compatibility issues, this could be related to what your seeing. MSI boards kick in all its modes and gaming apps once a game is run, nice when it works but they are having a bit of trouble with the newer boards.


          If you have the MSI_Command_Center installed, or watch it install through a live update, uninstall the Command Center reset it to default first reboot and give it a go.


          This was especially a huge issue on the mortar series.

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            What remains for me to wait for new bios updates to come out?


            I've done almost all the possible tests, but only to test another source (although I think the problem is not related to that), and test 1 memory module in 1 slot at a time.

              And today I will also do what you said with the msi program

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                Sorry been offline so long, as you can tell im having my own MSI issues, except my gaming series dosent like SSD's i dont think Oh before i forget.


                They have had not just issues with command center i found out they now now have ( major ) issues with CC... in fact  Admins on msi forums are directing people back to previous versions, currently mine will wipe out the entire WinRE environment and destroy any attempt to fast boot until reinstall.


                Reverting to a known ( Good msi comanad center ) is said to revesre the ill effects it is now causing, some people just bounce to BIOS, boot loop or worse, PC will flash LED's and power down with  black screen. This would be on Windows10 though, havnt heard any problem on any other OS's,


                My new board allows full Sky/Kaby lake conversion to Win7 through the msi tool then just follow directions at the I/O Hub, if interested in ditching all that all together.


                But anyways, im sure you will figure it out or hear something.

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                I got to test an earlier version of bios, the problem persisted.

                Now test older versions have not tried yet, as you said is too risky, I will leave as a last option.

                I did not want to leave windows 10 because I have games in the Micrososft store, but if 7 is the solution, I'll have to migrate to it.



                No problem with regard to response time :), your help is very gratifying.

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                  hi, can you provide more info? like, what gpu and psu you have in that rig?


                  the information that you already provided it tells that there is a psu problem, the computer dont have enough power and it is a common issue this days, people when assemble  pcs only think in high power components, but forget to juice them...

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                      My source is a seasonic 620w S12II.

                      Problem n is exactly when the gameplay is rolling, I can play all day normally if I do not use ALT TAB.

                      An example of what happens in street fighter v:

                      I play as long as I want, but if I give ALT TAB as soon as the fight is over, and the cpu says "YOU WIN", the pc immediately shuts off and then connects.

                      I can stay with the character stopped until time runs out, but the time that appears the phrase "YOU WIN" the pc will shut down.



                      The vga and cpu temps are all ok