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Efficient CryptoNight Compute NOT included in 17.12.1 ??

Question asked by rockysds on Dec 19, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2017 by jonbros

AMD is starting to sound like a broken record in all the places that say "Vega compute mode is included in 17.12.1 drivers".... but what we're not being told is how efficient CryptoNight compute is not included in the latest drivers.


It's clearly documented that efficiencies for CryptoNight are not included in anything that allows for 9+ GPU configuration (essentially 17.10+). The last driver version that included efficient CryptoNight compute was the Aug23 blockchain drivers.


Furthermore, according to Linus Tech Tips, AMD specifically told them that a good benchmark for the Frontier Edition was to mine CryptoNight-based coins. But on essentially every new driver version, this benchmark is sub-par and must revert back to Blockchain drivers to get any decent results.


AMD, PLEASE ADVISE.... Please tell us WHEN we'll see these efficiencies re-implemented into the driver sets.