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LogonUI.exe error on Windows 10 Pro startup

Question asked by darkmessiah on Dec 18, 2017
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So now that the Adrenalin Edition is out, obviously I tried to download and install it right away. My Radeon settings program notified me of an update so I downloaded it and right after it installed it. After first downloading for a while and then installing, it said it was installed succesfully. I had to choose between restarting now or close the program. I chose to restart it of course. At went well until the part where the login screen of Windows 10 is supposed to appear. The screen goes completely green (color scheme of my theme that I have on my pc), and after a whileit goes flickering like crazy and then gives me a message saying LogonUI.exe cannot be loaded or read or something with an error code that looks like this: 0x00000000. I read on some forums that someone had the same problem (although not this exact problem) where his pc would get stuck there. The only solution to it was to revert to a previously made system restore point (that I did not make myself). So I did that. Everything was back to normal and I could use my pc again, even though I did not have the newest driver version. Now today, again Radeon settings gave me a notification that there is an update available, so I was like, well lets try it again. But nope, same issue, again a flickering screen at the login screen, and after a while a weird error.


What am I supposed to do and what's causing this error? As of now I am uninstalling the Radeon driver completely while in "Safe" mode, but its been uninstalling for a long time now, it almost seems stuck as the bar shows no progress whatsoever.


Below are my relevant system specs:


OS: Windows 10 Pro, version 1703, build 15064.674

GPU: AMD Radeon RX480 4GB

CPU: Intel Core i7 4790

Motherboard: MSI Military Class 3 H81M-P33



Thanks in advance