video playback stutter

Discussion created by eightyeight on Dec 18, 2017
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Hi, I've just upgraded to an R9 380 gpu.  The card is great for games and runs at high settings with no issues in frame rates.  However when it comes to 'simple' video playback I get a regular stutter on purchased youtube videos (but not regular youtube videos) and 4od stream.  Other video streams are ok.

This isn't buffering, as stated other things run fine and the contentious videos will work fine on my lower spec laptop.  Games run well it's just video streaming and not even HD, although that also runs fine with integrated graphics on the laptop.

Is this a flash issue?  iPlayer runs fine, which I think is HTML5, and standard youtube (is that flash or not?).

It's really starting to bug me as now I'm plugging my 'old' laptop into the monitor to watch films despite it being of a lower power than the desktop.

I've tried different browsers and disabling hardware acceleration with no success.

Can anybody provide any suggestions?