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    Computer crashes while recording video with ReLive


      And that's exactly what started happening today. Sometimes it crashes inmediatly, sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes, but i always end losing video signal or having a full crash before turning down itself.


      Overheating is discarded since i cleaned my machine not long ago, and the only change made to my PC since the last succesful was the installation of a BG Xonar X6 headset, but uninstalling it made no difference. I updated to the last drivers (Adrenalin) rolled back to the last working ones, made a clean install, etc... with no improvements at all.


      I have the following components


      - AMD HD 7770

      - AMD FX 4300

      - AsRock N68c GS-FX

      - 8 GB RAM DDR3 1600