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Computer crashes while recording video with ReLive

Question asked by amiibola on Dec 18, 2017

And that's exactly what started happening today. Sometimes it crashes inmediatly, sometimes it takes up to 5 minutes, but i always end losing video signal or having a full crash before turning down itself.


Overheating is discarded since i cleaned my machine not long ago, and the only change made to my PC since the last succesful was the installation of a BG Xonar X6 headset, but uninstalling it made no difference. I updated to the last drivers (Adrenalin) rolled back to the last working ones, made a clean install, etc... with no improvements at all.


I have the following components


- AMD HD 7770

- AMD FX 4300

- AsRock N68c GS-FX

- 8 GB RAM DDR3 1600