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    AMD B350 motherboard review

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          The problem is that until now, AMD's lower end chipsts have always been on really rubbish boards, mostly because AMDs chipset didn't really change between Socket AM2 and AM3+ and lower end chipsets were really rubbish, but now that the main chipset features are handled with the CPU a la FM sockets, connectivity is the only real thing which can be sacrificed with the B350, and that's not a big deal as the lack of room prevents use of that connectivity anyway, especially on the ITX form factor, and the mATX and ITX market is where AMD has been absent in terms of actual powerhouse boards for a very long time.


          The problem now becomes convincing the market that a lower end chipset does not mean a lower quality board, even looking at all of those boards they all have pretty average ratings, though I'm sure a bit of it comes from being finicky with RAM. If AMD could intergrate all chipset functionality onto the CPU...