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Can't boot from USB

Question asked by on Dec 17, 2017


I'm trying to boot my PC from a Bootable USB drive. I've tried both a Windows 10 drive that came pre-loaded with Win 10 and an activation key, and I've also tried a thumb drive formatted using Rufus for UEFI and BIOS using the Win 10 ISO from the windows site. I've tested both thumb drives on another computer and they could boot perfectly.

In BIOS settings I have ensured secure boot is disabled and CSM is enabled and allows for both UEFI and BIOS.

I've tried booting to safe mode, tried booting without driver verification, and tried enabling boot logging.

I've verified that my PSU and graphics card work using another MOBO and CPU. One of two things occurs no matter what: either I get a BSOD error immediately after a boot drive is chosen, or I get to the point where you choose whether you'd like to install 32- or 64- bit Windows, see the windows logo, and then get a BSOD error and reboot several seconds later.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks, Will