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BSOD VIDEO TDR FAILURE atikmpag.sys, resuming from sleep mode, after fixing problem from Windows 10 creators update 1709 reinstalling driver 1/13/15 8.970.100.9001

Question asked by tdax on Dec 17, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by kingfish

this is really a continuation from this thread, which I marked as 'correct answer/solved',   [my screen resolution was wrecked, and my external VGA/HDMI ports didn't work at all, in the thread below, I found a fix (in the thread below, restoring to 1/13/15 9.970.100.9001 driving) to correct the laptop resolution, and make the VGA/HDMI ports work properly]

ati mobility radeon hd 3650 (7/25/2017) doesn't display external monitors (how to roll back)?


but now I now get BSOD VIDEO TDR FAILURE atikmpag.sys , when windows 10 comes back from sleep mode.(with external monitor attached, HP Elitebook 8530p, with samsung synchmaster NC240 attached via VGA port).  If I disconnect the external monitor from VGA port before waking, and connect it after waking, it works fine - more usable, but still a bug


so, it's definitely an issue of waking from sleep with an external monitor attached, and again, it began with windows 10 update, 1709 'fall creators'.  I created the new question, because it's a separate issue, and having marked the previous one solved, it probably doesn't get notice.


[I did see a number of threads 'BSOD VIDEO TDR FAILURE atikmpag.sys', but none that seemed a general solution to this set of circumstances, and I cant help but think a lot of people got zapped in the same way by the Microsoft Windows 10 1709 'Creator's update  ]