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Updating radeon software will make computer see M430 graphics as M330 in driver manager

Question asked by oxleytechteam on Dec 17, 2017
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I'm trying to find answers on behalf of a customer.

Owner has an Acer Aspire e5-523g90qw Notebook.

The unit has R5 M430 2GB graphics, and 512MB switchable graphics.

RAM DDR4 8GB, CPU AMD A9-9410 3.4Ghz


So, what has been happening is the customer was trying to play GTA5 after a recent update, however the graphics would only display as 512Mb available.

Have tried a factory restore and updating everything, but it appears the issue lies with the recent Radeon software update (17.12.1).

I have tried reinstalling the software (after uninstalling everything relevent), however in the driver manager it will show the graphics as M330 graphics.

If the device manager driver is updated to the correct version (M430), Radeon Settings will not open.


Along with that, the compatibility options for the latest software does not list the M400 series as being compatible. Is the M400 series just not supported by AMD anymore?


Please advise.

I need a resolution for this asap.


Thank you,