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    ReLive doesn't record sound


      After successfully installing the new Adrenaline driver, I tried to record a game with ReLive. After recording 5-6 clips I noticed that ReLive isn't recording my Voice. I checked everything but I don't know why it's not recording my voice. After a few records I noticed that in some clips there isn't any sound, no ingame sound, no voice. I don't know why, with OBS it works fine but its too laggy :/


      watercooled RX 480


      Windows 10 64bit

      Radeon Software Adrenaline 17.12.1

      Im using 2x Samsung S24D300 Monitors (1080p 60Hz) one with HDMI the other one is connected to the integrated graphics.

      Asus Strix Z370 F Bios Version 0605

      watercooled i3 8350k

      Corsair Vengeance 550W

      2x 8GB RAM

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          It's really hard to tell what the issue is. I uploaded this as a test and response using Adrenaline to record audio: Radeon ReLive No Audio post - response - YouTube


          As for the voice recording, make sure to set the Audio capture device specifically what Windows has set up. I circled mine, but I'm just highlighting it on where to look.


          Also make sure  you have the following field set to disabled unless you want a separate audio track (in .m4a format). A friend had this selected so his final video recording had no audio as it was not embedded in the mp4 file! The actual .m4a file was lost in the folder of hundreds of other videos.


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              So I watched your video response and I checked all my settings in ReLive and I'm using the same setttings as you except of the Max Recording Bitrate, I'm using 50 Mbps. But still, it won't record any sound :c something I noticed later, the sound in my clips which i recorded earlier is kind of streched. At the beginning its good but at the end the sound is 10-20 Sec delayed :/