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RX Vega 64 no Longer Working - General Failure?

Question asked by dstmnd89x on Dec 16, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2017 by dstmnd89x

My Vega 64 card had been working phenomenally for the past few months but now it seems that it's kaput...


I recently noticed that I was unable to do a normal un-installation of the Radeon drivers on Windows 10 (which is fully up to date at the time of this posting). Didn't really bother me much as I was still able to eventually purge them; I never ran into any issues during the actual installation. Anyway, the graphics card crashes with a black screen almost immediately after it starts to render 3D, which to me can't mean anything good. This happens across many different game titles, and GPU stress tests with both DirectX and OpenGL. I've tried the latest Adrenalin drivers as well as rolling back to a previous set (figured maybe the monitoring tools had a bug) but the problem persists.


I've already opened a support ticket with Sapphire but I can't really think of what could have caused the card to simply stop working properly. The card was receiving sufficient power and temperatures were nominal at all times; card was not overclocked and the problem is still present if I abandon CPU and memory overclocking as well.


Any ideas?