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Vega Frontier Liquid with Samsung C49HG90 - Bluescreen

Question asked by argawow on Dec 16, 2017


I have some problems with my new Vega Frontier and the Samsung 49" Monitor. I have connect two ports of the frontier to the monitor if I have to work. I use the picture by picture feature to split my screen in two logical parts. This way everything works like  it sould. But when I turn of the picture by picture Feature I have several bluescreens.


Error: Thread stuck in device Driver


When I pull out one displayports and run this setup with just one connected cable everything runs smooth.


until today I have had a nvidia gtx1060 with this Setup and I was able to run this without any Problems.


I need some help please.


Thanks in advance


P.S.: I use this Driver: Radeon™ Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q4.1