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    Which Monitor To Choose?


      Hi all,


      Well I'm after a new monitor and have been looking around at the offerings,

      there are so many to choose from its bewildering!


      I have a list of requirements as follows:


      1. Resolution - 4K
      2. Style - I would love a Curved monitor
      3. Size - I'm looking at  27 inch only
      4. Feature - It must support Freesync
      5. Refresh - 100+ Hz
      6. User-Friendliness - Must have a user friendly way  to control the menus


      By this last item, I want to have a monitor that does not have those miniature stick type of way to control the menus.

      Buttons are much more friendly and reliable.

      My budget is around £300 to £700


      Anyone have any ideas, recommendations or criticisms please chirp in.




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          Pushing that many pixels at that framerate is going to be extremely tough for any GPU on the market. Unless you're playing something like CSGO.. my note8 could run that at 1440p 1khz.


          If you're going for high refresh rate I'd suggest 1080 with something running 244hz or 1440. Currently the video cards available aren't powerful enough to run 4k at anything greater than 70ish FPS on modern titles like Destiny 2 or even Overwatch. You'll get surges in framerate but it will be because the current render is easy. I run a 60hz 4k Freesync display paired with a 1080ti and am barely able to keep 60 frames a second in Destiny 2 on Ultra. 1440p is currently the golden spot for high refresh and really awesome visuals. The difference between 1440 and 4k is pretty negligible during game play... plus Windows doesn't scale all that well at ultra high resolutions.


          As far as 4k displays at 100+ hz you're probably either not going to find one or pay out the nose, well above your intended budget when you find one.


          A quick search on Amazon shows the following for 1440p 144:




          You may want to reach out in Discord. Folks there are up on the display game.

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              Hi StaggeredSix,


              Thank You for all the info above in your post.

              Taking everything you have stated above,

              It kind of matches with the results of my searches over the past week on the net.


              The nearest and best I found (and I may be wrong) was this one




              I dont think it is UHD, it is WQHD

              So that makes 2560x1440 (wqhd?)  and NOT 3840x2160 (uhd?)


              I really wanted an LG monitor, but they mostly make 21:1 not 16:1 in the curved range,

              I guess I will take your advice and post my Q on Discord .


              Finally, your post made me re-check the vga card specs and it only goes up to 60hz

              so maybe its pointless having a monitor up to 100+ hz when the vga card only pumps out 60Hz



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              I think you would need a pair of R9 FuryX/Nanos in Crossfire at the very least to run some games at 4K at High/Ultra Settings and 100 FPS.
              It depends on how much benefit you see with AA at 4K resolution.
              The lower the AA you are happy with, the better the FPS.
              Going higher in resolution (2K-> 4K) usually means I can lower the AA setting, and that helps.


              A Pair of RX Vega 56/64 might be able to do it on a few more titles, but it depends on how well Crossfire is working on Vega right now.
              I think even the GTX1080Ti is ~ a 2K card, and you would need two in SLI to run at 4K.


              You do not say which card or monitor you are using at present.

              One way to estimate how well your current card would run at higher resolutions is to turn on Virtual Super Resolution in AMD settings and then change your in Game resolution to 2K or 4K , lowering AA settings  as you increase in resolution. 


              If games you are interested in cannot run well with VSR on and resolution set to 2K or 4K then you would be better change your cards or stay with your existing monitor.



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                  Hiya colesdav,


                  Thank You for your input too.

                  Gosh I don't have crossfire setup...

                  I was worried that even my PSU would be okay hahaha

                  I have a sapphire radeon rx vega 64 8gb lc

                  My current monitor is an Acer 246 1ms freesync 24 inch 1080p (not curved)


                  I guess maybe looking for a 4k monitor was simply wishful thinking lol

                  I only play one game lol ...

                  DayZ standalone.


                  I will make a mental note to look into the AA settings.

                  And find the sequence of lowest to highest...

                  Mostly I mess with the settings and use the device vanilla.

                  I think its set to FXAA in the DayZ game...


                  Thanks Again



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                  4K is a pretty tall order for a 27im curved display with Freesync and 100hz+. I think you might want to either dial it down to 1080p or go lower frequency, unless you have a killer set up with like two vegas or something, even then I am not sure if you will find anything that has Freesync on it.


                  If you decide to ditch 4k Resolution then I suggest  Amazon.com: Sceptre 27 Inch Curved Gaming LED Monitor AMD FreeSync 144Hz, 1800R Curvature, DisplayPort HDMI DVI C275B-14… The response rate is at 3ms but that shouldnt be a problem unless you play a ton of competative FPS games.


                  If instead you decide to ditch the 100+Hz but want the 4k resolution then you would most likely have to go up way more in diagonal inches which will also become expensive quickly. I guess my best suggestion would be something like AOC C4008VU8 White / Silver 40" Curved 4K UHD Display with 10-Bit Color 5ms HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor 30… But again, you will be sacrificing the refresh rate and response time.


                  Personally I would settle on a nice 1440p with 144Hz and low response rate, like SAMSUNG C27HG70 Dark Blue Gray 27" 1ms (GTG) 2560 x 1440 (2K) 144Hz, VA LCD/LED FreeSync 2 Curved Monitor, VESA Mountabl… This way I dont need two xfired $700 cards to run it, lol.

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                    One other tidbit, BestBuy has several Freesync monitors on display usually. I'm sure other electronics retailers do also.  Might want to check out one in person if you can before buying.