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Stuck clock and memory on GPU

Question asked by oxygen on Dec 16, 2017

Hi i have problem with my RX560 series /2GB GPU. It has to be on 1300GPU CLOCk and on 1700 Memory clock. But i see it on 214Gpu clock  and on 300Memory clock ( i will send screens) . I think that cause fps lags in my games. I have tried- uinstalling msi afterburner,reinstall driver. I have i5-2400 cpu and h61m-d2-b3  Motherboard.


I need ur help. Btw in radeon settings i cant acces those settings in global wattman. But u will see that on screen too. If i try to open CCC it says "There are currently no settings that can be configured using AMD Catalyst Control Center".


I hope someone can help me