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Trying to install 10 Vega GPU's. After trying both 17.11.4 and 17.12.1 both always show N-1 GPUs (e.g. for 10, 9 are RX Vega, 1 is MSFT Generic, for 8 GPUs, 7 are AMD. How can I resolve this so ALL 10 Vega56's w/the AMD driver installed since its suppose

Question asked by zapperman on Dec 15, 2017

I have attempted this a few times without success. As I understand these drivers work, have not seen anyone else reporting this issue, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately, the original blockchain drivers from August will also do the same if I have 8 Vega 56 GPUs (the max until 17.11.2 I believe when AMD upped it to 12 max), it shows 7 as RX Vega, and one as MSFT.  I cannot understand why its always N-1(?) Running windows 10 (probably 90% of the issue).  Heard the Linux version was not very stable and to stick with Windows from a few sources.  Anyone have any input on the above and also Linux AMDGPU-Pro for most stable (e.g. Ubuntu, centOS, ???) and which version?