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Does my card support relive

Question asked by ieatlosersforbreakfast on Dec 15, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2018 by plumboby

Hey everyone .

i have an r7 240 gaphics card that i bought new. Games have worked fine but relive hasnt. I cannot record anything no matter what i do. After multiple driver installations i found a program to test if vce is supported on my card and it resulted in failiures. it feels wrong as other people have been using relive on this same card and amd websites list r7 200 series cards being supported. Wikipedia says all gcn 1st gen cards as having vce 1.0 support.


I am looking for a defintive answer does this card support vce or not? Can i get it to work with older drivers or external software with vce plugins? Or is it just not going to happen?



R7 240 1gb gddr5 version from saphire

Athlon 5350 apu

4gb ram

Windows 7 64bit


I have tried several drivers upto 17.4.4 and tried obs with vce plugin. Nothing has worked.