17.12  display non native resolution

Discussion created by slimbo on Dec 14, 2017

Running an older R9290 Tri-X  with an HP Envy 32 monitor and Windows 10

The native resolution for the monitor is 2560X1440.   However, I usually run it at 1920X1080 for compatibility reasons with some apps.   In previous drvers, 1080 works fine and is full screen (just a tad blurry but that is to be expected).  with the release of 17.12  if I set the resolution to 1080,  it just displays 1080 cropped in the screen instead of making it full screen.   2560, displays fine.


I have tried different scaling setting with no effect.   I re-install 17.11.1   and everything is back to normal at 1080.  


Is this a bug or a new "feature" that I am missing something?