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Looking for some info about ryzen DDR4

Question asked by x58 on Dec 14, 2017
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Sorry for my poor English ^_^


As the title says, I'm really looking forward, for info about new Ryzen Technology to memories, because I really want to properly set my rams on this motherboard Ab350 fatality k4 gaming, on my unknown memory chipset, by unknown i mean, because The brand is Patriot-Viper models: PV48G320C6K- 3200 16-16-16-18-32 and when asking manufacturers they really don't know what chipset have this pair or rams 2x4 (8gb)single rank, which is sad...


So i founded a interesting article here in TomsHardware by Paul Alcorn


But i see that he only explain just 2 Important settings such:

GEAR DOWN MODE (GDM) + BankGroupSwap (BGS)


And thats very nice, but what about these settings?

Does anybody has information about this settings, i will highly appreciate:



-Memory-Interleaving Size

-Data Poisoning

-Chipset select Interleaving

-Address hash Bank

-Address hash Cs




-ProcODT [53,60,66,90 etc this scales till 480]

-Cmd2T [1T]

-RttNom [RZQ/1]

-RttWr [RZQ/3]

-RttPark [RZQ/1]

-MemAddrCmdSetup_SM [63]

-MemCsOdtSetup_SM [63]

-MemCkeSetup_SM [63]

-MemCadBusClkDrvStren_SM [20.0 Ohm]

-MemCadBusAddrCmdDrvStren_SM [40.0 Ohm]

-MemCadBusCsOdtDrvStren_SM [40.0 Ohm]

-MemCadBusCkeDrvStren_SM [40.0 Ohm]



So i really wanted to know the rest of that options, in order to properly understand, how they affect Overall system, because sometimes, when touching the Cad-bus it changes the behavior of my mouse at least when right-clicking on desktop there a little be of delay


So please dont hate me, or don't send me to the manual of my Motherboard, because there are not descriptions at all it is lacking of information.... my motherboard is ab350 fatality k4 gaming


PS: I created this whole post because, even in Google there are not much information about those settings :/

Thanks so much