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Vega 56 Significant frame drops.

Question asked by ahunkele on Dec 14, 2017

Hello all,

I've recently switched over to an all AMD computer. so im fairly new to the drivers and any tweaking that might need to happen, so all advice is welcome.


Now i understand PUBG is not at all a optimized game. I've been playing on the test servers however where they have optimized quite a bit. My friends running a GTX 1070 average around 90-100fps. Where as i drop to 40 at times and hardly even stay at 60? There was a point as well where i dropped to 10 frames for perhaps a minute?
Frankly, i'm pretty confused as to why this is happening. Perhaps its a driver related issue?

PUBG is not the only game ive experienced FPS issues. while most games run fine ive had points where i dipped below 60fps on even Battlerite.

at any rate here are my pc specs if something could be wrong there.