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    destiny 2


      All greetings, rx 480 sapphire nitro 8 gb +, the destiny 2 game crashes, everything was fine at first, but with the latest drivers, including the newest game, it crashes, also during the loading of planets from orbit, the screen can simply blink, it only happens in this game, in other games everything is fine, the driver deleted, the game, too, did everything, but nothing helps.

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          I've been having extremely long load times into planets and social areas. My friends will sometimes load in minutes ahead, other times I hold them back for some reason. I also see odd dips in FPS, I saw the teens for the first time on my rig the other day. My fans are also seemingly constantly on now, I think I even heard them when the displays had gone to sleep. Tried updating, repairing, reinstalling, don't want to rollback my drivers if I don't have to but that's the only solution I've seen people say works. I also recently got gigabit speed internet so it's definitely not a network issue


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