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    Adrenalin software is veeeeeeery slooooooooooow and buggy


      Testing with 12 Sapphire RX-470 mining edition (Part# 11256-38-10G) on ASUS B250 mining expert, 8gb ram, Intel i3-7100, 120gb Intel SSD.

      Windows setup takes less than 5 min in total including answering to questions.


      Fresh install, installing chipset drivers


      Navigating in adrenalin software to "Gaming" section takes 2 min, 25 sec!!!

      Then navigating to video card is another 30 sec! Also switching among the cards is 30 sec every time.


      Also there is no such thing as global settings for all video cards like this article suggest:

      How to Switch Between Graphics and Compute GPU Workloads Within AMD Radeon™ Settings


      For some cards it is not switching to compute workload, ever, not matter which X attempt it would be. It never working. But for some it works.


      Changing to compute workloads is a buggy hell! That cannot be really done.