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How Enhanced Sync works?

Question asked by ggg on Dec 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2018 by wyzouski

I've just tested Esync. Turned off vsync ingame, turned on Esync in CCC. Game framerate jumping from 30 to 200 so i assume it does not work so i have some questions.


There is no option like for vsync "allways on" or "allways off", how i know it works ingame? And does it support all games if they use dx11?


Should i turn off vsync in game or turn off? (i think it should be turned off?)


Should i use target frame rate or not?(i think....not?)


Should it decrease maximum framerate to match display framerate?(yes...?)


Should it work with R9 380? Adrenalin overview at amd site says its only for 400+ series but says it works even with 7800 if i remember correct. And i think they are correct otherwise i should not see Esync option in my CCC.