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    compatibility of graphic with laptop


           Hello, I'd like to buy a graphic for my laptop, and I wanted to know which are the compatible graphics with my laptop. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite p50-a-12z. Thanks

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          OK, long as your can get inside your Toshiba notebook, which shouldn't be a problem..


          You are going to want to get yourself a External ePCI x16 DOCK. The Dock will sit beside your notebook. This will be the only way to add a GPU to your notebook. OK

          So a good example and something that is new that will support a 980gtx or AMD R9 200-300x series type GPU is a

          Example 2017 V8.0 EXP GDC BEASTLaptop external independent video card dock with expresscard data line and 6 Pin/8 Pin power supply cable. 


          There are many others out there then head to the AMD shop pick out the card you want. Preferably one that wont bottle neck your cpu, those details you will have to search around about, but long as you got a PCIe-x16 card dock, your good. Asus announced one in 2016 but I think they made it exclusive to only there notebook, were as you can pickup a BEAST and connect to any notebook or card.


          Its a fun project done one myself, 20year old notebook from closet running a GTX480 .

          Hope this helps.

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              How do i know i can get it inside my Toshiba? Do I need to buy it and then see if it fits?

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                  The cables will be thin and flat, and you just tighten the laptop back togther carefully. It will plug into the wifi slot, you will lose your wifi card but can use your ethernet the plug directly to a router.


                  Which ever device you decide on will have tutorials and compatibility list on the websites, thats just one that is universal, and you wil have to be comfortable with having a ATX power supply sitting close to you on a table that reachs the laptop. Most older laptops snap together first before pplying screws, i would just snap it closed after installing the device and load its driver , reboot and game from there. Becarful, some video cards are heavy and might want to tip over, thats why we have 2x4's and create a custom wooden mount for it, could even make your own mounting bracket extending from the wood structure you built if you like.


                  Drill, drill bits braket plate sawed off old empty pc case, bent+drilled at bottom for 2 screws, then mount the card onto the wood platform. Very similair to creating a test bench ( in fact) when you go to look for idea to build a stand for it, look into HowTo build test bench platforms, and you will see open test bed that dont require a pc case because not all cases fit all hardware configs, so the diagrams and info is out there.


                  Its a nice hobby project if your up to it and have spare time to do it, and it will pay off. Once done, any laptop in the world that uses wifi will be transformable into your test bed.