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    Screen Hiccup Every 5 Seconds 17.12.1


      Hi all,


      To get this out of the way I have (I'm not sure if I need to state anything else, I'm new to this):

      • GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series
      • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770K CPU @ 3.50GHz
      • RAM: 24 GB
      • OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
      • Motherboard: MSI z87 MPower
      • PSU: Corsair TX 750
      • Monitor Tested: ViewSonic XG2401
      • Games Tested: League of Legends and Rainbow 6 Siege


      So ever since 17.11.1 came out, I noticed some screen hiccups that were happening every 5 seconds or so. So I tried doing research online and the only thing I really tried doing was using DDU to cleanly uninstall past settings and then reinstalling the updated AMD settings on both 17.11.1 and 17.12.1. That didn't work out for me so I reverted back to 17.10.1 I believe (I'm not 100% sure on this, it could've also have been 17.7.1 but we'll assume 17.10.1 for now). So now that 17.12.1 is finally out, I had hopes that this bug would be fixed but it is still here. Here are some gameplay clips of it.


      Hiccup Clips (17.12.1). The screen seems to freeze for a split second every 5 seconds.


      Non-Hiccup Clips (17.10.1/17.7.1 I don't remember). Not the best test environment, but this was all I had and it looked smooth.


      Has anybody experienced problems similar to this and has resolved it? If so please let me know how you fixed it! Also, for more information about how I did my DDU, I opened up DDU and chose the "clean and restart" option without entering safe mode. Once it was done uninstalling, I downloaded 17.12.1 and did an express install from there.


      Sorry if I am breaking any rules, this is one of the first times I've entered this website so I don't know much about it. Thanks!

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          Are you streaming or just recording?
          Are you recording with ReLive or are you using something else like OBS.
          Are you using an H.264 encoder?
          Are you saving video files to your OS hard drive or can you try to save to a different disk?
          It looks like some people are reporting issues with enhanced Sync - are you using that?

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              1. I am recording.

              2. I am using ReLive.

              3. I am not using an H.264 encoder.

              4. I am saving the videos to a different disk.

              5. I am not using enhanced sync.


              The issue seems to happen even when I turn off ReLive though .

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                  OK ... I was running the Witcher 3 last night and I tried every combination I could on my R9 Nanos try to replicate the problem on them for you.

                  I saw no problem at all like the halting in your video. I tested Enhanced Sync on versus off. Chill on versus off with various Chill targets. Freesync on versus off etc. and combinations of it. I could not repeat the problem.


                  I have seen that type of behaviour i.e. Gameplay - Halt- Gameplay - Halt in recorded video before though on a different recording setup.

                  I was using an external Capture Card with OBS running on a separate laptop/desktop to independently record at 1080p 60 FPS, which means the video capture does not affect gameplay at all.
                  That type of halting behavior is seen on the use OBS to record and compress the video at the same time on the external desktop.
                  It does not affect gameplay. Just the recorded video in that case.
                  The compression runs H.264 encoding on the CPU of the recording laptop/desktop, and if the CPU cannot cope (utilization is too high) I see the halting behaviour in the recorded videos.



                  There are a number of ways to reduce the Halting behaviour, mainly by reducing recording bitrate, or reduce the recording key step (recording takes an initial 'background snapshot', keeps that, and then only records image changes over a certain time until the end of the key step, when it takes another full snapshot.
                  The time the snapshot is taken, is when the recording 'halts'.

                  Obviously you are using AMD RelIve to record, but the principles of producing the recording may be similar.


                  Normally if you have a built in GPU in your desktop the Video Encoder on the GPU takes lots of workload off the CPU.


                  I believe Polaris GPU's use different (improved) Hardware Video  CODEC versus R9 Nano/Fury/FuryX and previous generation cards.

                  Radeon RX Series: Video Encode and Decode - YouTube


                  You might want to look at the options you have in ReLive Recording Tab here, and maybe lower some settings? 
                  I think you might have HVEC option in Encoding type? You might want to use AVC, reduce your bit rate, reduce your recording quality etc.


                  If that does not help then make sure your GPU is not Overheating and look at your Watmann Profile.
                  ReLive does offload some work to the CPU, but not normally that much ... but I would check your CPU Utilization and kill anything you can.
                  If that does not help then maybe you need a full driver reinstall - if you are moving from Crimson ReLive to Adrenalin I recommend using DDU.


                  Hope this helps in some way... if not please let me know.



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                      Hello Colesdav!


                      Thank you so much for the amount of work that you're putting into this, it actually means so much to me because it is such an annoying issue. But unfortunately, the halting persists even after I've turned off every recording program that I have. In other words, I completely turn off my ReLive but the stuttering still occurs. I even used DDU on Adrenalin and then redownloaded it without ReLive but it still stutters. It's strange because I tried downloading 17.10.1 with ReLive yesterday and it worked fine with ReLive (apart from the fact that I couldn't pull up ReLive when I was in game), but when I tried 17.11.1 and Adrenalin, it had the stuttering issue regardless of if I had ReLive on or off. I've tried using DDU to cleanly uninstall and reinstall everything multiple times to no avail.


                      I've just checked my stats on Afterburner while playing League of Legends and I realized that you can definitely see that there is some kind of stuttering happening in the FPS. I'm not very good at reading this kind of stuff, but everything else seems very spiky so I'm not sure if there's some correlation to all of this. If you know anything about this it would be of great help. Just keep in mind that this is with ReLive turned off. Thank you! If you need more stats please let me know.


                      Link: HardwareMonitoring.hml - Google Drive


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                          Hi, I have a copy of League of Legends that I used for testing the Plays.TV Overlay features. I can try out on Adrenalin Driver running it.
                          It looks like your GPU Usage % is spiking lots.

                          Were you playing multiplayer mode online?

                          Are you certain that this halting is not down to Internet connection / multiplayer mode network syncing issue?
                          What happens if you play the same game but in single player / practice / offline mode. Do you still get the issue?
                          Have you verified your game files? Are you certain you have switched Chill off?
                          Can you check your Motherboard BIOS Settings and find out what PCIe speed your GPU is running with?
                          If you have checked all of these issues and nothing helps then it looks like there might be a problem with the Drivers for the RX 480/580.
                          Whilst posting to this forum is a start, the way to get AMD to investigate issues for you is to file one of these:



                          It should take you here.

                          AMD Issue Reporting Form


                          Sometimes it can take a while to get fixes but some issues I have reported in the past have been fixed.
                          Meantime I will look at League of Legends for you on my R9 Nanos and on a few other older GCN based cards I have here.
                          I do not have any RX480/580 that I can run to test for you unfortunately.

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                            I downloaded League of Legends, created an account. Ran Systems Checks, Updated Windows 10 64bit 17.09 Fall Edition to today's patches.
                            I ran a few tests on my R9 Nanos with i74790K, 32GB Ram running a fresh installation the Adrenalin Rose Driver. 
                            I recorded using ReLive, and imported the Relive Video into Plays.TV as OBS.
                            I uploaded to Plays.TV.
                            I ran the game at 1080p and default video settings just because Plays.TV compression sometimes messes up "Green Bricks" up higher res ReLive Videos.
                            Here are a few examples for you. Please note comments on my Game Play not welcome - I am clueless at LOL. I just test games .
                            Video 1.
                            Triple R9 Nanos with Crossfire off, running on 1 card.

                            colesdav - Test LOL on Adrenalin - Plays.tv

                            Video 2.

                            Dual R9 Nanos in Crossfire, Third Card running but unused.

                            colesdav - Test LOL on Adrenalin in Crossfire. - Plays.tv


                            FPS looks smooth enough to me.


                            Note I run with Windows Game Mode off and all Windows 10 Privacy Settings to the comedy "Maximum Privacy" settings.



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                              So I also tried running League of Legends at 4K max Graphics Quality Settings.

                              I saw no screen hiccups at all unless I set the option to Cap Framerate in League Of Legends  to 30 FPS.


                              I also tested the Witcher at 4K on Ultra Graphics and Post Processing settings in Crossfire.
                              In that case I saw some minor hiccupping behavior in some areas of the game but lowering texture related settings removed the problem sometimes so I think it was

                              the R9 Nano 4K HBM frame Buffer unable to keep up with loading textures at times. Also the cards were starting to get near to 85'C at times and the GPU frequency was dropping which also caused similar 'hiccuping' behavior.


                              I will have a look at Rainbow 6 Siege later.
                              If your card is not thermal throttling then it looks like like an RX580 driver related issue or else your card/system has a hardware issue.


                              I think I have tested everything I can using R9 Nanos.

                              Perhaps someone who has an RX 580 can test this out for you.
                              Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


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                                  Hey colesdav,


                                  Sorry I haven't been able to respond to you, I was stuck in finals week and completely forgot to look at all of this. But I think I found the issue, it was because I was using more than one monitor. For some reason, whenever I turned on 1+ monitors, it would cause all of the micro-freezing. So now, whenever I want to play, I have to disable the extra monitors.


                                  Thank you so much for your help though!

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                                      No problem ;-).


                                      I was just trying to help.


                                      If it only happens with more than 1 monitor then it sounds like it might be GPU VRAM / texture loading related ... depending on what you were running on the other monitor(s).
                                      The more monitors you run, the more VRAM is used.
                                      You should have mentioned you were studying for your finals on one monitor and running League of Legends in the background .


                                      It was fun playing League of Legends badly anyhow ...
                                      I also tested running with an old 1080p TV/DVD/Monitor attached to my HDMI out port but I saw no issue with that, however I was not running much on the second display, just Radeon Settings.

                                      Anyhow, please file an AMD Reporting Form, you can access it from the GUI here:


                                      Or direct link to here: AMD Issue Reporting Form

                                      If you don't report it it will not get fixed or looked at.


                                      Good luck with your exam results.



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                            Same is happening to me. My monitor turns off every now and then claiming "no signal" but turns on again when i move the cursor and open radeon settings. Even the cursor on the desktop hangs. I reverted to 17.7.2, no issues there. Maybe this has something to do with whql or the latest windows creators update? Before that, I never had issues when updating drivers. DDU didnt work for me either.

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                              Are you running any other programs that use DRM? I noticed that the past few driver releases have chronic stuttering with DRM video like Netflix and Amazon video. Youtube is fine but the others are unwatchable, if you look at the chrome processes their drm module spikes to 100% cpu usage quickly then jumps back down.

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                                I am having the same issue. both using OBS and Relive (no streaming pc)



                                GPU: MSI Radeon Gaming XTwin Frozr VI RX 480 8GB

                                Mother Board: MSI Z270 Gaming M5

                                CPU: I7 7700k

                                RAM: 16gb G-Skill Ripjaw DDR4


                                Games affected:


                                PUBG both Test Server and Vanilla  (most severe on Vanilla) fine in lobby begins as soon as plane spawns
                                Rocket League (light)
                                World of Warships (light)


                                Reinstalled Drivers for both MB and GPU
                                downed all settings in game
                                adjusted stream settings in both OBS and Relive
                                verified game caches
                                reinstalled games


                                I've read some things about the RX480 drivers being buggy for the past few versions however things were fine up untill adrenaline. which is disapointing because there are some functions and features that benefit streamers greatly in this patch.

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                                  I have the same issue as well. Google search led me here. I'm using RX470 and i7 2600k. Never had this before. It happens just after the Adrenalin update. I'm clueless. But it does not happen all the time.