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    AMD Radeon R9 270 GPU Turns Off And Back On


      I'm at my wits end with this. I've had this card since Feb of 2015 and it has preformed absolutely fine. Then this past month or so my monitors will randomly shut off and turn back on and make my current game I'm playing crash. At first I thought this was a software issue so I went and used the AMD driver cleaner and deleted all AMD drivers. Then I installed the most recent driver. Still problem occurred. So I thought maybe it was my power supply. Maybe it was faulty or old or just not efficient enough for my hardware so I went from a 500 watt to a 750 watt PSU. And after installing it the issue still persists. I've monitored temps and usage like I always do. Nothing out of the norm. I can game/stream for hours with no problem then my monitors randomly turn off and back on.


      OS: Windows 7

      CPU: FX 8350 Eight Core 4 GHz

      GPU: Sapphire Radeon R9 270 2GB Current Driver: 17.11.1

      RAM: 16 GB

      Mobo: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P

      PSU: 750 Watt



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          I have wiped my hard drive and did a clean install of everything and the issue still persists. This time I got an actual error though. I'm not sure if this helps to determine the issue or not.


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              Well after much research and a lot of time trouble shooting I have come to the realization that this issue seems to be software related. The games that this issue occurs with are Mass Effect Andromeda, Need For Speed, Destiny 2, And Overwatch. After reading many many forums of people complaining about Mass Effect Andromeda and Need For Speed crashing their GPU/Monitors and it seems common with both AMD and Nividia cards. Also knowing Blizzard informed me they knew of crashes happening with Overwatch and were working with AMD for a fix, might be easily assumed that maybe same issues happened with Destiny 2. I have had no GPU/Monitor crashes with Steam games, some of which are just as CPU and GPU intensive as these other games listed. From reading multiple forums a lot of the Origin issues seem related to running Multi Monitor set ups. Disabling the second monitor can cause the issue to go away. I will be trying this soon to see if it fixes my issue but with that being said a lot of people run Multi Monitor set ups (especially streamers like myself) and this shouldn't be an issue. Will update this forum as I figure out more answers.