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Vega 64 Liquid // All drivers constantly crashing to black screen during installation

Question asked by jimmiess on Dec 13, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2019 by baerat

Hi everyone. I just set up a brand-newbuild and have encountered tremendous difficulty getting my GPU drivers installed.

Describe your system:

  • Desktop: Custom built (brand new components)
  • GPU. Gigabyte RX Vega 64 Liquid Cooled Edition
  • OS. Windows 10 64bit (1709)
  • GPU Driver. Most recent driver (17.12.1) and legacy drivers all the way back through 17.9.1.
  • Display. LG 34UC98-W 34" ultrawide with Freesync support
  • Motherboard. ASRock AB350 ITX, Bios/UEFI version 3.4 (latest version)
  • CPU. Ryzen 1700X (stock speeds)
  • PSU. Silverstone SST SX650 650 watt
  • RAM. 32 GB (2x16)

Describe your issue:

  • When installing GPU drivers, the screen will go entirely black and hang indefinitely until I hard reset. After hard resetting, the machine will either: (1) boot up Windows with no drivers installed; OR (2) hang indefinitely at the Windows logo (can't get to login screen) requiring further hard resets until I boot into recovery mode.
  • I've tried numerous techniques to resolve this (see below), including recommendations contained in prior threads in this forum, but nothing has worked. HOWEVER, I was able to install driver 17.10.1 with no black screen and was able to install and run games (Starcraft 2) after, but when I restarted the machine, I could not get past the Windows logo (indefinite hang requiring hard resets). I also cannot consistently replicate this success (only happened twice).
  • I've tried the following:
    • Installing legacy drivers all the way back to 17.9.1 -- they all lead to the same result
    • Installing using the minimal installation tool
    • Installing drivers in safe mode (installation app says it can't detect the card in safe mode)
    • Installing drivers manually through Device Manager (in safe mode and normal Windows, same result for both)
    • Disabling Windows update
    • Disabling Windows antivirus
    • Disabling driver signing
    • Checking power cables
    • Connecting 2 independent 8pin connectors to the GPU
    • Updating my bios/UEFI to the latest version
    • Reformatting/reinstalling Windows
  • When uninstalling/installing drivers, I use DDU each time.