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aticfx64.dll crash on new drivers

Question asked by tiko1982 on Dec 13, 2017

Guys, there is one problem, Specialists, tell me! There is a Lenovo laptop with AMD A6-7310 APU whith AMD Radeon (TM) R4 Graphics and Discrete AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M430 2GB.

Win10 16299.125. On the whql driver 22.19.677.257 (17.9.3) for APU(R4) and beta 23.20.793.1024 (17.11.4 ) for (R5 M430) everything works perfectly: WinStore apps, games!!!

As soon as I update the driver for APU R4 to version 23........., I have crash whith error file aticfx64.dll apps Mail and Maps and many (99%) games!

Crash file is "aticfx64.dll" only on 23....... drivers for APU. I return 22.19.677.257 for AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics, everything works, and applications and all game!

P.S. Games and apps (Mail, Maps)  work on the new APU drivers (17.11.1 & 17.12.1) work when i use DXCpl.exe whith (only) ForceWARP.

Tell me please how can I fix it? OS Windows 10 Home x64 16299.125 _ I have ALL DirectX, WU !!! I do not know what to do!

Remained on the driver 22.19.677.257 (17.9.3). On the site I'm offered version 17.12.1, BUT ...