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    Relive fps drop


      Hello all, I have been recording some mass effect 3 videos with Relive and everthing was good until I watched them. They are good (fps rate, quality)  except that they have little fps drop at any times. I check the drivers (I have got the last version 17.12.1), the game´s requirements and my pc can handle the game and the recording. I tried to change the resolution to 480p but It´s still happening, so it isn´t about requirements, I think is for the enconder AVC (I have visualized the videos in a lots of programs and on youtube happens the same).


      I have an i5 3470 3.2Ghz, Gygabyte HD 7850 2Gb GDDR5 oc, 8 Gb RAM Asrock z77 pro3 (mother board) and a Corsair CX750M. Can you help me?