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rx 580 xtr crashing

Question asked by cdy on Dec 13, 2017

Hy, I built my pc 3 months ago , everyday I lose connection to the gpu, at least 2 times.

The screen freezes for a couple of seconds , goes black, re-establishes resolution (i guess), and comes back with a crashed application i was working with.

Sometimes I get an error message like "dxgi device lost" or "Your rendering device has been lost" , sometimes there is no error message.


when this happens in games i have to open, and control task manager with keyboard controlls, and end process like that (because the game window will still try to be on top and i can't use the mouse), then reboot.

Crashes also happen in browsers. restarting the programs fixes it but a full restart is usually better.

Today i tried the Adrenalin driver in :GTA Online i got 30 Fps where i nomally get 50-60 (rebooting fixes this)

                                                       : Overwatch where i can still produce a crash by alt-tab or opening the new radeon overlay.

                                                       :RS Siege, only did the benchmark but seemed aight

                                                       :Firefox, had a crash with youtube video, so  turned off hardware acc and get screen tearing.

Also after a crash, i open Radeon Settings and it will say it stopped working and restart itself.


Could this be a faulty driver (because i tried many different driver versions). Or is it  rather hardware related

Is there any fix or does anybody have a suggestesion?




Things I tried:


latest drivers (17.12.1)

older drivers

clean installing drivers ( with ddu)

updating bios

setting Power Limit to +50% (but then RS crashes and Wattman setting have been reset)

clean install w10

ram test

sfc/ scannow

What davejb  and kingfish suggest at the bottom


My specs:

Rx 580 xtr

Ryzen 5 1400

Corsair Vengeance 3000 (@2933Mhz)

SSD with W10

PSU 520W