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    AMD Link 'Unavailable'


      App downloaded, server enabled in Adrenalin.


      Scan in the QR code, but each time it just says 'UNAVAILABLE' followed by 'service unavailable'.


      Anyone got any tips, or is this just a bug that needs ironing out?

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          go to the antivirus settings and unlock the application firewall it blocksБезымянный.jpg

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            Hey, I had the same issue, but if the firewall thing doesn't fix it, try turning off your mobile data for a second. Sometimes, if you have a weak wifi signal, your phone will use mobile data to connect to the net. You have to be connected to your home network for this to work. So try turning off mobile data, or if you dont know how, just turn out wifi off and back on again (on your phone). Once you're connected, it should work.