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Tons of stuttering with Enhanced Sync in Borderless mode

Question asked by faqu on Dec 12, 2017

I noticed that in games (Overwatch ; Battlerite ; The Witcher 3 ; Grand Theft Auto V) , using Enhanced Sync in Borderless mode adds tons of stuttering , making the experience very bad (in fact , you can't even consider the game as being playable with this ridiculous amount of stuttering)

If i disable Enhanced Sync , everything becomes smooth&playable in Borderless.


Please investigate this issue !


PC Specs:

-i7 6700

-RX 480 8GB

-16GB DDR4

-Windows 10 Pro 64bit (Fall Creators Update)

-LG 23MP68VQ-P 23 inch 5ms IPS FreeSync 75Hz


Radeon Settings:

-Freesync ON

-Enhanced Sync ON

-GPU Scaling ON

-Virtual Super Resolution ON