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Multiple GPU Namining in Crimson ReLive / Adrenalin

Question asked by colesdav on Dec 12, 2017



Does anyone know why, when I have multiple GPU's in my system. I get a strange naming convention in Crimson ReLive / Adrenalin?


Here is an example of what I mean, in Adrenalin.


Instead of being number #1, #2, #3, the GPU's are numbered #1, #2, #13 in the AMD Crossfire GPU Combination Tab.


Why #13 and not #3?


Also is it possible to change the GUI Tabs so that it is obvious which GPU is #1, #2, #13, #whatever on the Global Graphics and Global Wattman Tabs please?


The only way I can work it out at present is to use the System Tab position to infer which GPU is which assuming it  matched the Tab Position of the Global Graphics and Wattman Tabs.


I am about to add additional GPU's to my systems for yet more Compute Power ... using PCIe 2.0 to USB 'miner adapters'.

I am planning on adding another 2 cards, so this is going to get really confusing, unless I buy some RX Vega 64 Liquid Cards instead of R9 Nanos/Fury X.