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Issues with newest driver update

Question asked by jbcastello on Dec 13, 2017

Hey all, 

Been having issues with some games with the Vega 56 since purchase.  Figured the drivers would be a bit of a headache for awhile, but the most recent release has caused many issues.  I noticed artifacts while just browsing the web, or Steam, graphics card temperature is in the mid 40s-50s with minimal load.  Stellaris is unstable and locks up every time I try to play (known issue for awhile)  PUBG  crashes every 5 minutes.  I've also had issues with web pages blanking out while scrolling through.


I just recently upgraded to a SSD as my system drive and reformatted all my drives when i reinstalled for a fresh start.  Been having crashing issues in PUBG since the reformat, and before, but I have noticed it get exceptionally worse since this most recent update.