The last 3 AMD drivers released where all buggy

Discussion created by magoguitarrista on Dec 13, 2017
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As the title says the recent soft updates where shameful, to say the last, full of bugs some of witch I've already report and some of them where fixed (The new 17.10.2 driver show me strange "inverse" colors. ), but they won't stop creating new ones with each update. I believe the last driver that run flawless was 17.7 (Don't remember now)

The previous update to adrenaline (current) (Don't know why) would duplicate or even triplicate the "AMD RADEON SETTINGS" process randomly on every restart.
Now the adrenaline version, on the contrary, is listed on my PC as "ID_STRING16" and it won't load automatically the process (I did a clean install since I figured this one being a "major" update it would be better to erase the older version) this didn't help at all.
As you will see (On images below) the issue at hand as I describe it.
PSDT: The driver "seems" to work fine tho, beside all of this, it even show's up the overlay if I press alt+R.