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HD7950 STUCK AT 500MHz?

Question asked by xrvk88 on Dec 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by jakslap

Every recent driver since about 17.6 up to the new Adrenalin driver something has locked my HD7950 at 500MHz. I've tried everything, including; clean installing, using tools like Afterburner to force overclocks, using Wattman, restarting graphics drivers, disabling hardware acceleration, removing media players, etc. Nothing works, ever, it just stays right at 500core and 150memory. What can I do?


Edit: I have now also tried removing afterburner and all other OC utilities, using DDU to clean all drivers fully, reinstalling Adrenalin, and using Clockblocker to try and force. Still, nothing works. Though it now seems my question won't get answered, only 13 views...


pls help