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Questions about the Adrenalin Performance Overlay. Change size of overlay? Monitor more than 1 GPU? GPU Power?

Question asked by colesdav on Dec 12, 2017
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I was just having a look at Chill on the Witcher 3 and  Mass Effect Andromeda to check out the situation with Crossfire or MultiGPU on the new Adrenalin Driver.
I really like the new Alt-Z Radeon Overlay menu, this is a really good improvement. but I have a few questions about the performance overlay.


(1). Is it possible to increase the size of the Perfomance Overlay and it's text? Whilst it is OK at 1080p, I find it is difficult to read at 2K and it is useless at 4K. Here is an example of the Performance


Overlay Size at 4K on Mass Effect Andromeda:


(2). Maybe it is just me and my cards, but I wanted to look at the GPU activity on both GPU's in Crossfire at the same time, so that I could check if my second card was indeed doing nothing at all in comparison to the first one with MultiGPU enabled in the case of MEA. I also wanted to check if both cards were running with similar activity on The Witcher 3, which works fine in Crossfire now (no water texture flickering) with Chill on - Chill still has some problems not honoring max chill target though, with Chill on I only ever get 15-20 FPS above the Chill min setting (static) , when my game character is moving/running no matter what I try. With Chill completely off I can get much higher frame rates. I think Chill is broken in that respect. Note the Witcher 3 was one of the first games supported with Chill in Radeon Crimson so it should really be working by now.