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    Since amd radeon 17.4.4 i have a mouse and display hanging, freezing or stuttering, what is the solution?


      lenovo c40-5

      8 gb ram

      1000 gb hdd

      amd A8-6410 with graphics r5 m230

      all in one

      windows 10 pro 64 bits


      Every install of drivers until 17.4.4 version was good, but whatever later version has the same issue, all screen is stuttering, if a play a video or a game app, the sound goes fine but the display stops some seconds and resumes on the current state.

      Is not a mouse problem, the display freezing happens with and without mouse moving.

      If you disable on device manager (TM) R5 graphics, the stuttering stops, but that device is needed, then the pc will have a heavy fail.


      what is happening?

      how do i solve that driver bug?