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    Enhanced Sync + Performance Metrics = Stuttering in-game ?


      I noticed that in Overwatch (i didn't tested with other games) if I have Enhanced Sync ON , and then I activate the Performance Metrics , the game will suffer from a mild stuttering which is happening every 2 or 3 seconds (basically when the metrics are updating themselves) .


      If i use Performance Metrics without Enhanced Sync the game isn't stuttering ; If i use Enhanced Sync without the Performance Metrics the game isn't stuttering



      Am I the only one with this issue ?


      PC Specs:

      -i7 6700

      -RX 480 8GB

      -16GB DDR4

      -Windows 10 Pro 64bit (Fall Creators Update)

      -LG 23MP68VQ-P 23 inch 5ms IPS FreeSync 75Hz


      Radeon Settings:

      -Freesync ON

      -Enhanced Sync ON

      -GPU Scaling ON

      -Virtual Super Resolution ON

      -Performance Metrics -> Sampling Interval -> 1


      Background Apps:

      -MSI Afterburner

      -HWinfo 64

      -RivaTuner Statistics


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          Same here on i5 4590, r9 390 and Destiny 2

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            Ok, so I did some further testing.  I should note that I have no programs running in the background, no other monitoring programs installed.  All of the options in AMD settings that you have on (freesync, vsr, gpu scaling, etc) are all off.  I play at 1080p on a 60Hz panel.  I've only played Destiny 2, but i'm seeing the same thing there that you're seeing.


            With Enhanced Sync on and performance metrics on (refresh at 2 second intervals) I see hitching every few seconds.  Could range from a slight hitch to a 1 second freeze.  GPU and CPU usage are normal, doesn't seem like either is getting pegged and causing a freeze.  With this game in particular, the GPU will sit at 100 percent from 60 fps up, framerate drops I'm seeing GPU usage drop too and CPU usage stays below 85%.  This happened with the older drivers too though.  With Enhanced Sync on and performance metrics off I still see the hitching, it is slightly better, but not much.  With Enhanced Sync off and performance metrics either on or off it's smooth.  I'm not sure but it seemed to me that it started hitching whenever the framerate went above my refresh rate, below my refresh rate it seemed fairly smooth (should mention I get massive fps swings in this game).


            Also, Radeon Chill needs some tuning.  When I set the min fps to 30 and max to 60 it ramps down fine, but when I start moving it never reaches 60.  It tends to settle around 45 to 50.  I'd like to see it ramp to 45 or 50 with very light movement, and anything more than that it should lift the cap to the max setting.  Even keeping the min at 30 and setting the max to 90 didn't make a difference.  I guess I could play with the min setting, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of chill.

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                Thanks for the info , i really appreciate it ! About Radeon Chill , this is how the technology always worked . Depending on how much you use your mouse&keyboard the fps will go lower or higher . I recommend you to play with the max value , while keeping the min value as low as you want to . I mainly use 40min and 75max because this is my Freesync range , so Radeon Chill will force the game to stay within my Freesync range , while reducing the power consumption .

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                Happened in SW Battlefront 2, disabled Enhanced Sync and solved the stuttering.

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