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amdgpu-pro: Ubuntu 16.04 corruption when resizing terminal window question

Question asked by krjdev on Dec 12, 2017



Known Issues

    • Corruption is observed while resizing terminal window in Ubuntu 16.04.3 – this is a kernel issue and is expected to be fixed with Ubuntu 16.04.4
    • A SLE 12 updated driver will arrive alongside our 18.Q1 Enterprise Driver release.
    • Fatal Error occurred while performing Workbench StoryboardGraphics on Ansys 18.1

(Source: Radeon Software for Linux Release Notes)


I observed the same issue in openSUSE Leap 42.3.

Is there a bugreport in Launchpad  or a alternative site available? If yes, can somebody post the link to this report? (I didn't find it yet.)


Thanks in advance!