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PC frozen after driver update.

Question asked by casualbp on Dec 12, 2017
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as most of you probably did, I tried installing the new Crimson Adrenaline today, wish i wouldn't have. Thats where the trouble began.

During the download or installation (didn't really pay attention) my computer shut down, i assumed this was part of the installation. When it booted back up the mouse was pretty much frozen for 10 seconds, and again and again and again, making my pc unusable. After resetting it today for probably over a 100 times, i managed to start up the AMD driver, and it says it is still at 17.11.something. Now when i boot up my pc i either get a blue screen of death with one of these stopcodes: CRITICAL PROCES DIED or DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION. Or i get the same thing where it freezes the mouse again and i pretty much can't do anything. Some weird remarks to the situation is that when the PC starts the first 10 second after I sign in it works fine. After those 10 seconds I get the same sound as when a usb stick is disconnected, and then things starts happening (frozen mouse, start button does not work and CTRL ALT DEL gives only a black screen) I have absolutely no idea what to do except for installing a clean version of windows 10, which I don't want to do for obvious reasons.



Intel 8600K

ASUS z370e gaming

2x XFX RX 580

Corsair DOMINATOR 16gb ddr4

samsung m.2 960 evo 500gb ssd

WD 2TB harddisk


any help with this problem would be appreciated!