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1700x ryzen afected by segfault, i ask to techservice  RMA

Question asked by 1+1=3 on Dec 12, 2017
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Hello, i'm a 1700x ryzen afected by segfault, i ask to techservice  RMA , and was acepted, the day acepted rma mail arrived, another mail arrive too "tech.atlcq1support@atlcrqasdc00.amd.comThe server has tried to send this message without success and has stopped trying. Send the message again and, if the problem persists, contact the technical support department of your organization." i have read some forums mate that had same problem, was like a server problem... tech service say on his mail: "Note: AMD only makes shipments through the DHL company. Doing it for another company is the responsibility of the client" ok i ask to dhl about to send the parcel, then they ask me about customer number, i make crazy ,"were is that number?" then i send a message to amd and they answer was "One sided shipment must be made by you with your own expense.  From  where did you get the information about DHL ? Did you received any email from AMD, can you forward that email?"  then i forward first rma email were say clear on 1º email say clear if i don't use dhl i must afort shiping...whithout answer, i have many informatic friends forum with the segfault problem and they send by dhl with no cost....2 weeks with the cpu removed from my new computer and trying for a sotution, mails with no answer and when email arrive say again i must cost, were i see free of cost by dhl? ...

am i silly? i ask, maybe because i let an oportunity to red side, yes you are losing a customer...