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RadeonRays IntersectionApi Create triggers exception

Question asked by orionrenderer on Dec 11, 2017
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I am trying to use the RadeonRays 2.0.1 sdk but i have a runtime error saying "Cannot read the contents of a file"

when creating the intersection api.


My code snippet:


int nativeidx = -1;


for (auto idx = 0u; idx < IntersectionApi::GetDeviceCount(); ++idx)
     DeviceInfo devinfo;
     // That function does not fill the platform field :/
     IntersectionApi::GetDeviceInfo(idx, devinfo);

     if (devinfo.type == DeviceInfo::kGpu)
          nativeidx = idx;

if (nativeidx == -1)
     throw CreateIntersectorException("Unable to find compatible OpenCL device");

     m_api = IntersectionApi::Create(nativeidx);
     ORION_ASSERT(m_api != nullptr);
catch (std::exception& e)
     throw CreateIntersectorException(e.what());


My Hardware:

Intel i7 6700HQ

Geforce GTX 960M, driver 388.59



vs2017 since i am not able to download vs2015. SDK built without any change

WindowSDK: 10.0.16299.0

Toolset: v141




Thanks alot !