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ati mobility radeon hd 3650 (7/25/2017) doesn't display external monitors (how to roll back)?

Question asked by tdax on Dec 11, 2017
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Less than a month ago, windows 10 forced an update that installed this driver, and my VGA and HDMI external monitor ports quit working.  I figured out the upgrade to this driver was the problem, used 'roll back driver' in device manager, and the problem immediately solved.  Fast forward about 3 weeks to today, Windows 10 forces yet *another* huge update, including up to this driver again, and I have the same problem.  Only this time 'Roll back driver' is greyed out, no longer an option.


Any advice on how to get back to whatever was the previous driver of  ati mobility radeon hd 3650, dated 7/25/17?