amd 560 black screen every 3rd boot

Discussion created by skidaddytn on Dec 12, 2017

Hello!   I was wondering if anyone could offer any suggestions to a really strange issue I'm seeing. 


I have a Asus P8 Z77-V motherboard, and recently switched from an Nvidia Gx 550TI variant to the AMD Radeon 560.    I installed all Nvida drivers and applications, and ran DDU first.

After doing this and booting I'm stuck in a weird 3rd boot loop as follows


1) Windows 10 installs "Radeon RX 560 Series"   System works great, and all the 3d games I have work great-- indefinitely and at all resolutions I'm supposed to get.

2) Reboot.   Everything works great once again--indefinitely as long as I don't reboot again

3) Reboot again.   Uh-oh.  Black screen but I still can move the mouse pointer.   I can't see anything-- however if I can type blind, I feel like I could still log-in and Win10 is operational underneath.

4) At this point, I power on reset 3 times to Come up in safe mode,  I'm in a safe lower res mode, but I can see now, so I uninstall "Radeon RX 560 Series" and reboot

5) I'm back at step #1 again and now have 2 perfect boots "loaded and ready", but the 3rd one will mess up my system again...


The first thing I considered was that I might be able to use WindowsKey-P to switch monitors. (even though I only use 1 monitor) .. after practicing the motions on a visible login, I tried it on the black screen with no success.

Now I'm thinking about writing some sort of login script that will save all AMD 560 registry keys so I can look and see what if anything might be different on this 3rd boot.   If I can log-in blind, it should still at least run my script.  


Anyone seen this before or have any suggestions?